Remembering the History of Glens Falls, Queensbury and the Southern Adirondacks



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Have you ever thought about incorporating local history into your curriculum, but don’t have the time to do the research?  The Chapman Historical Museum has many resources to help you.  Programs may be scheduled at the museum or in your classroom. 

What Are Some Ways We Learn

About the Past

Incorporates a hands-on look at diaries, artifacts,

photographs, and maps.


Building the Dam

A program that answers the questions: what were the forces behind the development of the Spier Falls Dam in 1903, and what was its significance? Incorporates Italian immigrant experiences.


Dear Diary

Excerpts from 4local diaries spanning the years 1860-1920, allow students to make observations and reflect on how people lived in years past. Students can make their own diaries for an additional fee.


History Mysteries

Students examine artifacts for clues about their purpose. A fun, hands-on program. I


Glens Falls/Queensbury History

A look at the causes and effects of the important influences, people and industries in the history of the Town of Queensbury and Village of Glens Falls. I


A Victorian Child’s Life

Examine photos, toys, clothes and other artifacts of a Victorian child’s life and use that evidence to compare their lifestyle to ours. I


Logs, Lumbermen & Lifestyle


Learn about the men who moved the logs in the 19th century to sawmills and paper mills on the river, using photos, stories and music. Hands-on activities include using a logmark hammer.




Local Threads & the Industrial Revolution


This program covers the timeline of textile production in the Glens Falls area; we can focus on one time period or one type of manufacturing. Can be presented in conjunction with the Immigrant program.






Through documents and photos, learn about the major groups of immigrants who settled in Glens Falls in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Can be presented as part of the tour of the DeLong House, and also in conjunction with the Local Threads program.




Seneca Ray Stoddard


Glens Falls was home to a famous 19th century photographer who extensively documented Glens Falls, Lake George and the Adirondacks. This program incorporates his personal story with many of his wonderful images.




Technology in a Victorian Home


Tour the DeLong House with an emphasis on the technology available to the Victorians.




For more information, or to book a program, contact:


Kimberly Harvish, Educator




$3/student with a $36 minimum per class. Teachers and required personnel are free.




Programs typically run for one hour.  Depending on your class needs the program time can be either shortened or lengthened.




If you visit the museum with more than 12 children, we will divide the group into smaller groups and rotate between the house tour and one or two other activities.




Can’t come to the




We can come to your classroom!


The Chapman qualifies for BOCES Arts in Education and Enrichment funding. We also accept school purchase orders, cash, personal checks and credit cards. PTOs and PTAs often sponsor class visits to the Chapman. Inquire about funding options at your school.




Chapman Historical Museum


348 Glen Street, Glens Falls, NY 12801












Harnessing the Hudson


the story of the


Spier Falls Dam


in South Glens Falls.


History of Handbags & Hats


(& Why We Love Them)


There’s an interesting history


and psychology to every-


day items we usually take


for granted.


The Shirt Factory


Learn the story behind the textile factory at the corner of Lawrence & Cooper Streets and share your memories!




Glens Falls/


Queensbury History




The people and places that tell the story of the growth of Glens Falls and Queensbury. Uses maps and photos and can be 1 or 2 hours in length.


Seneca Ray Stoddard


What made this 19th century photographer from Glens Falls so famous? Learn about his life and career and enjoy some samples of his work – photos, stereoviews & maps !


How We Learn About the Past


A look at local history through photos (comparing


then to now), words from local diaries and artifacts


that show how people lived and worked.


Logs & Lumbermen


Sawmill and paper mills were instrumental in the development of our community.  What was life like for the lumber- men who provided the raw material for these industries?




Then & Now


Compare enlarged photos from the 1800s and 1900s to photos taken from the same vantage points.


Dear Diary


A look at local activities and customs through the words of four local diaries spanning 1855-1920.


History Mysteries


A hands-on program with authentic artifacts.


All of our programs can be presented here at the museum, or at your location.


$50 Honorarium requested.


Contact Kimberly Harvish, Educator   793-2826


Chapman Historical Museum  - 348 Glen Street, Glens Falls, NY 12801