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  Glens Falls Community History Project

            The Images of America book, Glens Falls, provides the reader with a photographic essay on the roots of the community.  It spans the years between 1860 and 1925 when Glens Falls was reaching its peak in economic, social, political, and cultural growth.  The pictures show its simple beginnings with dirt streets traveled by horse and buggy, through a time of Opera Houses, exquisite mansions, public transportation, indoor plumbing, electricity, and public services.  It also shows the schools, churches, business, and recreational opportunities of the time.  It was a simpler time, a harder time, and a time that would have quietly passed away if it were not for the photographs that captured this piece of history.  It will leave the reader with a greater appreciation for this era that has gone before us.

            Gwen Palmer, Bob Bayle and Stan Malecki are all part of The Corners Project at the Chapman Historical Museum.  They are researching the development of the city for the museum website.  Their overwhelming appreciation for the photography collection at the museum prompted their enthusiasm for developing this book.  Mrs. Palmer is a retired nurse from the Glens Falls Hospital and Mr. Bayle and Mr. Malecki are retired teachers from the Glens Falls City School District.


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