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  Native Americans inhabited our area.
1642 Father Issac Jogues and four other Frenchmen were the first Europeans recorded to have seen "the falls." They were in route to the Mohawk River with their captors.
1696 Gov. Fletcher gave to the Rev. Godfredius (Godfrey) Dellius, then minister of the Dutch Reformed Church at Albany, a grant of land north of the Saratoga Patent. The Dellius Patent included what was to become Glens Falls and was the first grant to include this land.
1754 1763 French and Indian War
1760 Preliminary application for grants for Queensbury Patent
1762 The application for the Queensbury Patent was granted on May 20, 1762.    

Jeffery Cowper (Cooper) was the first permanent white settler at Half Way Brook in the town of Queensbury.  

1763 A sawmill existed and was in full operation at the falls
1765 The corner of Warren and Ridge Streets for many years was called "The Corners" or "Wing's Corners"
1766 The first town meeting of Wing's Falls was held May 6th. Abraham Wing was chosen as moderator and supervisor.
1770 A grist mill was in operation.
1772 Albany County subdivided and Queensbury became part of Charlotte County, which after the Revolution becomes Washington County.
1775 - 1783 American Revolutionary War
1780 Wing's Falls was destroyed by the British forces. The settlement was rebuilt in 1788.
1783 The Quakers established a permanent settlement.
1788 A transfer of the name from Wing's Falls to Glen's Falls.
1813 Warren County formed from part of Washington County.
1832 State legislature approved construction of the Glens Falls Feeder Canal which resulted in an economic boom.
1839 Glens Falls incorporated as a village.
1861 1865 Civil War
1864 "The Great Fire" started in the kitchen of the Glens Falls Hotel.  A windy day soon spread the flames in all directions. 112 buildings were destroyed including 60 stores.
1873 The intersection of Warren, Ridge and Glen Streets was called Fountain Square when an ornate fountain was built in front of the Rockwell House.
1886 The village was enlarged to the present city limits.
1898 The fountain in front of the Rockwell House was removed to make way for brick street paving and a trolley line. The name was changed to Bank Square because the village's three banks were located in this area
1900 First hospital established.
1908 Charter for the City of Glens Falls passed by the legislature.
1917 - 1919 U.S. involved in World War I
1941 - 1945 U.S. involved in World War II
1950 - 1953 U.S. involved in Korean War
1965 - 1973 U.S. involved in Vietnam War



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